Monday, May 23, 2011

On the Move, Again

We have shifted again! We have rested our heads in 4 different homes in 10 days. This is home #4 that we will be in until June 1st. It is in the building next to Jekabs' parents in Salaspils. Don't be too envious of our new space! This is a very typical old soviet-style apartment.

Our favorite spot

Living Room converted into our bedroom.

Now......a little perspective on the little things
I look like a GIANT next to this fridge

A wee bit of milk

Brothers having a moment

Isaac and Great Grandma playing chess

Jekabs and I had our first little getaway last night...a bike ride through Salaspils while grandma watch the sleeping kids. Wow! Did I ever need that! I was getting a little desperate for some space away from kids and tiny little apartments. We also had our first little playgroup yesterday. Isaac found a 4 yr. old friend that lives downstairs and we ended up in their apartment. Kids are all the same, worldwide. Their once beautiful, harmonious, budding new friendship turned possessive and conflicted once we entered the friends domain of toys and earthly possessions! LOL!  Perhaps we should stick to the neutral fields of the outdoors, but as nature would have it, we are swarmed with mosquitos. Apparently, they will be here all summer. 

A bit of GREAT news.......We have found an amazing apartment in Riga that we will move into on June 1st. It was quite complicated finding a place to live. No one wanted to rent to us for such a short time. Anyway, this place is located about 10 walking minutes from Old Riga and 5 walking minutes to 3 really cool parks. Right in the heart of the city. Praise God for such a great place and location to call home! It completely exceeds my expectations of where we would live. I'll post pictures once we get it. It's quite nice. 

Alrighty, that's it for now.
Love, Peace, Joy.... in abundance to you and me! 


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  1. Praise God for a place you will love. I love following you guys on your adventure.