Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Phew....finally have 5 minutes!

Hello my wonderful Friends and Family. It is almost midnight of the 5th day we have been gone. We are in Latvia (arrived about 5 hours ago). I realize I have left you wondering for many days...and for that I am sorry! I intended writing 2 hours ago, but instead I had the opportunity (for the 5th day in a row) to rock my fussy 2 year old to sleep....at midnight! Yay!

The wedding was great. The neatest little tradition came out of it. They had all the guests bring a small bouquet of fresh flowers to the bride. It is a Latvian tradition, you see. Naomi (the bride) had set up dozens of clear vases, of varying sizes, along the tables at the reception dinner. As people came and took their seats they put their flowers in a vase. It was breathtaking once all the flowers were displayed! A huge array of peonies, roses, irises, and many many other varieties of flowers in beautiful spring shades were displayed throughout the tables. Awesome! I think it should become the new wedding tradition! And to brag on the peonies......you know those things were the size of half a human head! Maybe a slight exaggeration......but not by much.

My boys dressed for the wedding!

The New and Improved (cheers, Naomi!) Bikis Family

Since the wedding on Saturday, we have....
   *ridden dozens of trains throughout London
   *toured major attractions (Westminister Abbey, Big Ben)
   *stayed a night on the South Coast of England and walked through the popular town of Brighton
   *carried all of our luggage up and down the stairs of the underground
   *arrived to our final destination of Riga, Latvia

One thing is for sure about London....that place is a melting pot! When you are there, you are around people ALL THE TIME! All kinds of strange creatures passing on the street and cramming into subways.

We will spend the next couple of days looking for an apartment in Riga. We (I) have become very certain that to optimize our time here, it would be the best option to live in Riga....near the action! Will let you know how that works out.

I am going to end for now. Getting way too late for me to try to carry on.



  1. Wow, beautiful wedding pictures! The boys look super cute! Love their vests! Did you buy your dress in London? I like it! What a great way to bring in some Latvian tradition with the flowers! Glad you made it to Latvia safe! I bet it will take Chrish a few more days to get used to it all, it's been a long five days for him! Good luck finding an apartment! love you guys! Gwen and boys!

  2. Hi, Beautiful Friend. Oh how precious the boys are and the dress on you was beautiful! So glad you posted and sent me this. Prayed Isaiah 50:4 over you this morning that The Lord GOD has given you
    The tongue of the learned,
    That you should know how to speak
    A word in season to him who is weary.
    He awakens you morning by morning,
    He awakens your ear
    To hear as the learned.

    Love you sweet sister.

  3. Thanks! I got the dress back home. I loved seeing Isaac and Crish in their sophisticated little outfits.

    Thank you for the prayers, Lauren. I feel the Lord's spirit blessing me now as I read your prayer.