Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Put it in Pictures...

The rest of the story....continued from yesterday's entry.

Big Ben...which I keep accidentally referring to as "Big Bend" just rolls right off my tongue because I am used to referring to the Big Bend area in South Texas. 

Big Ben(d)  ;)

Westminister Abbey
I sat in on a service for awhile. A beautiful choir was singing.
No, it was not a full service. The half dozen other people there were also cheap tourists getting in on Sunday for "worship". 

Isaac found a game of cricket. If you know him well , then that should make you smile knowing that he got that close to playing a game of baseball!

One of DOZENS of trains rides we took in 3 days. 

Castle outside of Little Hampton, England. This is the town Naomi was raised in. Her mother graciously hosted us for a night. A Duke lives here, you can ask Jekabs (aka....smarty pants) for the details. ;)

Brighton, England......on the South Coast.
This town is quite popular. The old stomping grounds of one of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's sons. 
We ate some delicious fish and chips (french fries) here and strolled through the downtown shopping district. 

Royal Pavilion in Brighton

And finally....our resting spot. Arriving at Jekabs' parents apartment and eating McD's.

Conclusion: I have determined that England was the perfect transition into European life. England sits in the middle of a half American/half European lifestyle. Just perfect for getting settled in. Now we are ready to set some shallow roots. 


  1. Thanks for letting us "come along" with your blog posts. Praying for you as you have this fun adventure together!

  2. I am so excited for y'all! Wonder how many places you got to see that I used to wander through on class fieldtrips living in England. =) The boys made me think of that! Lol!!! So glad you have this opportunity. Sorry it took me so long to post.

    In light of recent events with my family (just sent an e-mail), I am so happy you guys have the opportunity to be so near yours. What an incredible gift.

    Have a great time out of you comfort zone (April of course)!!! I know you'll make the most of it. May His peace, love and joy be poured upon and through each of you to one another. God bless always.

    xoxoxoxoxoxo to your little guys!

  3. Isaac is totally loving every day! I wonder if he will eventually crash.

    Jenny, thanks for the reminder of what a gift of time this is with Jekabs family. I knew it would be, but it is easy to overlook the big picture and purpose when I am a little "uncomfortable" with my new surroundings. New, but expected....considering it is only my 4th time here! We are funny little finicky creatures.

    I love your prayers, Jenny and Kay, and appreciate them so much. I love having such encouraging, faithful friends.

  4. Hi girl, I miss you already! Happy Birthday to Christian! Sorry I could not come to the party! I am so glad you are having fun and are able to take upon such an adventure. Praying for your safety and purpose, I know God always has something for us to do, even on vacations! Love you!