Saturday, June 4, 2011

Apartment in Riga

We are very excited to introduce the newest member of our Extended Stay Residences...

Master Bedroom

Really nice, spacious kitchen. Although, VERY few furnishings for cooking. 

Hallway from the front on left, bedroom on right, funny Christian front and center.

Living Room.....also very spacious. 

Boy's Room


View from Living Room window

We think we did fairly decent with this apartment.....Ok, we think we did GREAT! We are very grateful for this apartment, Praise God! Sorry some of the pics were on the dark side. 

I shopped at this once a year outdoor market in Riga today. I could have stayed for hours! Their were potters, jewelry artists, knitters, bow makers, woodcrafters, and many others. Latvia has a large range of crafting artists. The emphasis of this market is that the product comes straight from the maker. 

I started making hair bows and accessory flower pins before we came to Latvia. It is so funny because I SEE THEM EVERYWHERE HERE! Everyone is making them and selling them. I must say, they are much more exotic then the ones I was crafting! I shall bring home new ideas! 

Loads of shoppers....and endless trails of booths, winding in so many different directions. We went early so we could leave by the time the large crowds gathered. 

Night out at the Latvian National Opera

Getting fancy in a....a....WHAT....A DRESS? I don't wear them often. But, when in Rome.........(and when it's necessary to wear something other than leggings and blue jeans...)

Pretty Opera. Much smaller than I expected, but very beautiful and royal in light blue and gold trimmings. 

We took a fun little Row Boat ride yesterday with the boys. 

Russian Orthodox Cathedral

The Opera (again)

Strolling thru the park. We live within 5 minutes of 4 large parks. It's wonderful! Today when we walked to one there was an event of Russian performances. 

Crish cruising around Old Riga

Locks of Love. Jekabs' aunt told me this is more of a Russian thing. When 2 people get married they come and put a lock on the bridge for everlasting love. Interesting to walk by and see. There are several bridges that have them, but none as much as this series. 

Pretty building across the street from our apartment.


We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces throughout this month. Several people we know in Dallas are visiting Latvia on mission trips. There are many Latvian Baptist Churches that are well connected in the DFW area (afterall, that is how Jekabs made it to the U.S. some 15 years ago!) We are even possibly going to host one good friend, Dr. Dale Sims, who works with Jekabs at DBU. Dr. Sims was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship 5 years ago to teach in a Latvian University for 6 months. We happened to be here on one of our past trips during that time and had the opportunity to see him, so it will be wonderful to get that opportunity to be here while he visits. Dr. Sims has a great passion for Latvia! 

It feels so long ago that we drove off and left home for the airport (3 weeks ago). We continue to feel incredibly blessed by our ability to be here this summer. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers towards us. 

April, Jekabs, Isaac and Christian

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