Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hobble on the Cobble

Today, June 12th, marks our 1 month anniversary of being on our "real life sabbatical" (actually Jekabs is having many productive days of working on his that is going very well) and we are still going strong. Everyone is still healthy and happy.

Jekabs and I went on an evening "Hobble on the Cobble" the other night. We strolled thru Old Riga. Want to know the reason we now call it a "Hobble on the Cobble"? Well, we had been to the market early in the day and I found a pair of 1.5 inch heels I liked, so I bought them. I thought, "If all these women can walk so smoothly on these cobblestone streets with 4 and 5 inch skinny heels, surely I can handle a pair of 1.5" inch heeled sandals." Hehehehehe......HARDLY! I have had shin splints for the past 2 days over 1 afternoon of "hobbling on the cobble in my wacky heels." Those will be special occasion shoes and I will resume wearing my flip flops for the majority of time!

Largest market in the Baltic region


Flashing my money before buying my heels at the market! Some might call me foolish, but I could only get away with this because I have a Super Hero Husband who can be both American tourist AND Latvian local at the same time!
He gets surprised looks all the time now because he chats away with me in English (He's an American tourist!) and then abruptly switches to Latvian (whoa.....he's a local!)....keeping the unsuspecting shopkeeper or waitress on their toes! 

More from our "Hobble on the Cobble"........

Outside of a knit you see the knitted pipe cover? 

This series of buildings is affectionately known as "The Three Brothers"


 On top of Hotel Latvia with a great view below
This is what we ordered to have the privilege of being there

I REALLY don't like trying new foods, so this was actually not something I was looking forward to putting in my mouth.  But, it tasted really good! 

View from the window

On to visit Omama and Opops

This is how we visit Jekabs' parents. We board this train, sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Jekabs had a flash back memory of selling newspapers on the train, long ago, after a lady passed thru selling ice cream. This hot and toasty train ride just got a little better with cold, soothing ice cream. 

We had gone, that afternoon on the train, to Salaspils to join Jekabs' parents on the beach of the Daugava River for a swim. While there, I collected river rocks! I love these rocks! I am completely infatuated with them (doesn't take much to impress me!). I originally had coasters in mind for the large flat rocks (which still may work out if I smooth them out a bit more), but then I created this lovely cross out of  my collection and plan on devising a (probably somewhat sloppy) scheme to get them permanently glued together so I can hang it on my wall at home for a memorable souvenir. If I had hundreds of dollars to spare I would ship home boxes of these rocks. Please, let me know if YOU have the spare money to sponsor this for me.......hehehehehe! LOL! 

We have a little indoor garden of plants from Jekabs' Aunt Kristine's garden.

Our cute little strawberry patch!

Isaac had a sad little accident with a bike this week. A lot of bikes travel so fast thru the parks. He had a brief moment where he wouldn't listen to Jekabs' command to STOP (because he saw the bike heading straight for Isaac) and our little dude crashed into the bike. Fortunately, the biker had seen Isaac and slowed down (in anticipation of running into him). It could have been a lot worse than just a scraped up knee.

Hanging out with Jekabs' cousin, Ieva, last night at the Flying Frog cafe! Fun time, good conversation (late night for her!!!!) It had been 6 years since the last time we saw her.
 She lives in Athens, Greece (8 years+) and became fluent in Greek during her University studies there. These European folks sure are impressive with their language skills. 
Random fisherman mug Jekabs picked up with someone special in mind. Hmmmmm.....who could that be? 


I am ending this post with something fun! A little contest!!! I have 2 items that I purchased from my very favorite local store, Medus Istaba.....Honey Room. To win one of the two souvenirs, just answer the questions below by posting your answer in the comment section. After 3 days I will put all the names of participants in a hat and draw out the winners! Contrary to the name of the store being "Honey Room", the prizes are NOT honey! After the contest is over I will post pictures of the prizes so you can all see (and if anyone wants to place an order for me to bring home for you, I can do that, too). 

Prizes hidden in a baggie! Will be revealed soon!

Brown bag mystery

If you want your name to be entered TWICE, answer BOTH questions. If you are satisfied with your name being in the hat just ONCE, just answer ONE question!
Have Fun!!!!! I look forward to your comments and answers!

Question 1: What type of stone are my earrings made of?
Hint: This natural stone is found in abundance along the Baltic shore and is very popular among Latvian tourists. It is fossilized tree resin. (Jekabs bought these for me on our 1st trip together to Latvia 8 years ago.)

Question 2: What local attraction would YOU visit if you were in Latvia?
Advice: Browse the internet for a minute or two to see the many wonderful sites in Latvia...and choose one that catches your eye! 

Loving Living in Latvia,


  1. OK, so I'm a little behind on reading posts. I'm sorry!!! But, just got caught up on your adventures and am so jealous and inspired. God bless your time away from the stuff of life here. From reading, it seems like He has. =) If it's not too late, here are my answers: 1) Amber 2) I just want to visit Jekabs' grandmother's house!!! I would be in heaven being out in the country for a bit. Anyway, may God continue to pour His grace upon your family!!! Tell all your boys hi and kisses to the little guys. xoxoxo to you from a friend that misses you like crazy!

  2. OMG!!!! I am squealing with delight, Jenny!!! You answered my quiz!!!! Correct-o on the Amber! You are the new recipient of a set of ceramic spoons. You may not find them useful ;) but you will have a handmade souvenir from Latvia! I'll post you a pic!