Wednesday, June 1, 2011

News over Coffee

Bag O'Milk
Milk came in bag. Had to cut hole in Bag O'Milk so we can drink of it's goodness.

Putting Bag O'Milk in box so Bag O'Milk can stand on it's own and not spill

Pouring Bag O'Milk in cup from a box :)

End of the "Bag O'Milk" short story
That's funny isn't it? It gets better though! We are now getting our milk by taking old water bottles into the milk store and having them fill it up! It is much cheaper this way. To buy a liter of milk in a carton at the store costs us about $2. The prices are so deceiving to me! I think I am buy something for a decent price and them BAM.....I forget that I have to double it to realize our actual cost. 1 Lat = $2  Not very friendly on our pocketbook. 


Janis' Portion of the Wild Woods

Janis is Jekabs' cousin. Actually, their fathers are twins! The boys grew up roaming around together in their youthful days and we always enjoy visiting with him when we are in town. A couple of years ago Janis purchased a place in the woods and traded life in the big city (Riga) for the quiet and peace of the country. He and his wife, Zane, love it! They are renovating a house on the property. Even the mile long drive from the main road to the house is enchanting! When you drive on the small dirt road with towering pine trees on both sides, you are entering a new world of quiet and stillness. As a former-country girl, I know this experience (minus the trees!). It's not a foreign concept to me, but still intriguing that they (Janis and Zane) made such a drastic life change by moving to the country.

Here are some pictures showing Janis and Zane's part of the woods.


Janis and Zane's personal forest

I LOVE the mossy floor of this forest ground.

Magnificent Meal! Isn't Zane a Beauty! They are expecting their 1st baby in 4.5 months. 

Cousin Janis found the boys something fun and interesting to do. Saw and Hammer!

Oh, and just in case you think this is all they've got......there is also a river but I didn't get a picture of that. It's a pretty cool place that will be even better after they finish their renovations (he is an architect). 


Here are a few photos we snapped a couple of days ago in the field. Aren't they breathtaking (the fields, not the people...hehehehe! ) The scent of these little flowers is wonderful (well, it's actually a crop that is harvested for it's plant oil and .....ummmm....I think something for biofuel oil??????? Don't remember....I'm only interested in the how pretty they are and how good they smell!

Mommy and Daddy rekindling :)

Picture with Jekabs' mom....aka "Omamma"


Jekabs and I cooking in the kitchen


Other Info:

I recently said in a comment reply that the water in the Baltic Sea was chilly but not terribly's FREEZING!  I know this because I actually tried it yesterday ( toes did). FREEZING.  Must make a note that Jekabs DID fully submerge into the water! What a brave man, full of life and energy!

We spent the day at the beach yesterday. It was terribly hot. Uncommon for Latvia. was like 86 degrees. Dreadful. I hated it. Sorry people in Texas. You are suffering so much. But that was just the heat. The actual beach was very fun, full of people and activity and the boys had a blast! 

We did play beach volleyball. Lost all 3 games, but did pretty decent for not playing for 3 years. 

Heading to the Latvian National Opera tonight on some free tickets. Thank you, Uncle Peteris!

We move into our new apartment tomorrow! Will be documenting our new adventure of living in the Center of Riga! 

Hope to hear from you sometime!


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